33rd Cycle Call

The online application procedure is available at the web site http://europa.uniroma3.it/bando2017


Here below a list of the Research topics available for the 33rd Cycle:

Aeronautical Engineering, Aero elasticity and Aeroacoustics

  • Topic 1: Models and methods for the robust optimization in presence of uncertainties of innovative commercial aircraft with hybrid gas/electric propulsion – Laboratorio di Ingegneria, Sezione di Costruzioni e Strutture Aerospaziali

Business Engineering

  • Topic 1: Development of innovative Project Financing models in the field of industrial plants

Electrical Power Engineering

  • Topic 1: LabVIEW based graphical tool-chain in the development of control systems for power electronics and drives applications  Laboratory of Power Electronics and Drives
  • Topic 2: Modern Microgrids Interconnection and Management – Laboratory of Power Electronics and Drives

Applied Physics

Fluid Dynamics

  • Topic 1: Aerodynamic and Aeroacoustic characterization of counter-rotating open rotors (CROR) through experimental and numerical data analysis
  • Topic 2: Development of advanced deconvolution and de-reverberation algorithms for microphone array measurements

Fluid Machines and Energy Conversion

  • Topic 1: Models for the active vibration control of gas turbine blades
  • Topic 2: After treatment devices for internal combustion engines
  • Topic 3: Engine control via non intrusive measurements
  • Topic 4: Design of turbomachines for supercritical CO2 advanced power plants

Manufacturing Engineering

  • Topic 1: Manufacturing of plastic components for food packaging using bioplastic. Comparitive evaluation between injection molding and thermoforming

Materials Science and Technology

  • Topic 1: New characterisation methods to drive innovation in advanced hard/soft interfaces nano-architectured and bio-inspired
  • Topic 2: Disorder-driven properties in physical vapor deposition (PVD) coatings: novel deposition routes and correlation with mechanical properties

Mechanical and Thermal Measurements

  • Topic 1: Methods and systems for evaluating the metrological performances of medical ultrasound instrumentation


Production Systems Engineering

  • Topic 1: Sviluppo di strumenti e metodi per la progettazione e l’ottimizzazione di sistemi di alimentazione dei materiali alle linee di assemblaggio
  • Topic 2: Sviluppo di metodologie innovative per la progettazione e gestione di apparecchiature e sistemi industriali in condizioni di variabilità e di rischio
  • Topic 3: Impatto delle tecnologie di Additive Manifacturing sugli aspetti tattici e strategici dell’operations management nella produzione manifatturiera
  • Topic 4: Sviluppo di metodologie innovative per l’analisi della resilienza di impianti industriali e supply chain

Safety Engineering and Excavation work

  • Topic 1: Assessment of the whole-body vibration exposure and influencing factors for quarry truck drivers and loader operators