35th Cycle Call

The online application procedure is available at the web site  https://app.uniroma3.it/bando2019/


Here below a list of the Research topics available for the 35th Cycle:

Aeronautical Engineering, Aeroelasticity and Aeroacoustics

  • Development and performance assessment of a low-noise ducted fan equipped with phononic crystals based devices for noise mitigation using aerodynamic and aeroacoustic modeling, optimization and experimental verification.

Power Electronics, Electrical Machines and Drives

  • Medium voltage power converter configurations and control aspects for railways applications
  • Modern Microgrids Interconnection and Management
  • Electrical drive assisted mechanical harmonic compensation in wind power plants
  • Power converter configurations and control aspects for EV fast-charging infrastructures fed by non-programmable renewable energy generating systems and including combined electrochemical and power-to-gas energy storage systems

Fluid Dynamics

  • From combustion noise to thermo-acoustic instabilities: theoretical and experimental investigations

Fluid Machinery & Energy Conversion Systems

  • Models for Gas-Turbine life consumption and performance degradation estimation for optimum operation management
  • Advanced models for Gas-Turbine predictive maintenance

Mechanical and Thermal Measurements

  • Methods and systems for evaluating the metrological performances of medical ultrasound instrumentation
  • Methods and systems for the assessment of the blood vessel stiffness based on ultrasound measurements

Mechanical Design & Engineering

  • Development of control oriented methodologies based on non-intrusive measurements for the optimization of combustion process in internal combustion engines
  • After-treatment devices modeling and control oriented algorithms development for internal combustion engines management
  • Characterization of exhaust emission from biomass combustion
  • Multidimensional modeling and testing of hydraulic components and systems

Materials Science and Technology

  • Eigenstrain modelling of residual stress effect on micro-architected materials
  • Development and characterization of carbon nanotube based yarns

Production Systems and Industrial Plants

  • Development of innovative methodologies for design and analysis of equipment and industrial systems under variability and uncertanty conditions
  • Impact of additive manufacturing technologies on tactical and strategic operations management issues in manufacturing systems
  • Development of innovative methods to assess the resilience of industrial systems and supply chains
  • Industry 4.0 – Development of methodologies for analysis and design of Cyber-Physical systems in manufacturing plants
  • Advanced models for predictive and condition-based maintenance

Safety Engineering and Excavation work

  • Risk of musculoskeletal disorders in the field of stone extraction and processing

Technologies and Manufacturing Systems

  • Design, development and manufacture of compostable and biodegradable bioplastic products in a marine environment
  • Design, development and manufacture of compostable bioplastic products with high gas barrier and suitable for food contact