PhD Admission

The admission to the PhD Programme for both EU and non-EU citizens is by selection. Participation to the selection process is free of charge.

Generally, the PhD call is published in June every year by the Ufficio Ricerca, Divisone Affari Generali of Roma TRE University.

The selection is open to graduates, regardless of gender, age, or nationality, in possession of a five-year university degree or the laurea specialistica/magistrale or its non-Italian equivalent.

Italian students:

The selection for Italian students is based on an asessment of qualifications and interview or an asessment of qualifications, a written examination and interview. Further details on the selection procedure will be available.

International students:
The competition is usually open to students who:

  • Have already gained an university degree (minimum 4 years long) giving him/her access to doctoral studies without any further qualifications in the country where it was obtained
  • The equivalence of qualifications obtained abroad will be assessed by the selection committee of the selection, in accordance with the current legislation in Italy and in the country where the certificate was issued and the international treaties or agreements concerning the recognition of qualifications for the further studies. The documents submitted to the Commission for a declaration of equivalence for the admission to the competition must be translated and authenticated in accordance with regulations and must be uploaded to the web procedure of submission of the application. In case of missing or incomplete transmission of the above will not be allowed to participate.

Students who already obtained a doctoral (or equivalent level) degree are not eligible.

The candidates will be evaluated on the basis of the documents required in the call (e.g. copy of university transcripts, CV etc…). Specific courses may require an interview with candidates by means of remote connection facilities.

Admission and tuition fees (example for the XXX Cycle started 2014)

  • Stamp duty: € 16.00 +
  • Regional Tax: € 140.00 +
  • Tuition and Fees: € € 1.839,54 =
  • Total annual Rate: € 1.995,54